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 Spell Changes

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PostSubject: Spell Changes   Sat May 11, 2013 3:40 pm

Disabled Spells:
-Bigby's Forceful Hand
-Divine Power
-Greater Sanctuary

Altered Spells:
Arcane Spells:
-Acid Sheath/Elemental Shield/Death Armor/Wounding Whispers:
Do not stack, first one cast is the one in effect.

-Bigby's Crushing/Grasping Hand:

-Ice Storm:
Does not go through mantles

-Isaac's Lesser/Greater Missle Storm:
Damage modified to 1d6 magic damage per missle

-Time Stop:
Area Of Effect changed to 8' radius
Duration 1d4*2 seconds
Targets are put into Sactuary

Divine Spells:

-Word Of Faith:
Will Save vs DC negates the effect

-Greater Restoration/Harm/Heal/Ressurection:
Heal/Damage amount modified to 10*Caster Level

-Mass Heal:
Heal amount modified to 5*Caster Level

-Undeath's Eternal Foe:
Now correctly gives Deflection Armor Class instead of Dodge Armor Class

-Blade Thirst:
Adds 1 AB/5 Ranger Levels to mainhand attacks and 1AB/4 Ranger Levels to offhand attacks. Also heals every hit for 1/2 Ranger Levels HP

Epic Spells:

-Epic Warding:
50/+7 Damage Reduction
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Spell Changes
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