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 Class Changes

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PostSubject: Class Changes   Sat May 11, 2013 3:13 pm

No changes.

Arcane Archer:
No changes.

Barbarian Rages:
-Barbarian Rage:
No Changes.
Duration: 7+Con mod rounds

-Greater Rage:
    +2 Attack Bonus
Duration: 9+Con mod rounds

-Thundering Rage:
    +2 Attack Bonus
    +2 Discipline
    +3 Listen
    +3 Fortitude Save
Duration: 11+Con mod rounds

-Mighty Rage:
    +6 Attack Bonus
    +8 Discipline
    +4 All Saves
    +10 Intimidate
    +10 Taunt
    +2d6 Slashing Damage vs. Lawful
    +8 Constitution
    +8 Strength
    -6 Dodge AC
Duration: 11+Con mod rounds

-Terrifying Rage:
    +3 Discipline
    +3 Listen
    +8 Taunt
Terrfying Rage does not alter the duration of the rage.
    Terrifying Rage will surround the barbarian with an aura of fear, any creature entering the aura will have to roll a Will saving throw against a DC of (Barbarian's Intimidate Skill) + 1d10, or                                                                       be afflicted with the fear debuff. When feared, a character with the same level as the barbarian will suffer an AB reduction of -1 per 5 barbarian levels, and -2 to all saves. A character with a    lower level than the barbarian will become paralyzed.

    The Barbarian Rages stack in the following ways:
    Greater Rage can be applied with Terrifying Rage and Thundering Rage
    Mighty Rage can be applied with Terrifying Rage
    Greater Rage and Mighty Rage can not work simultaneously.

No changes.

The "Cleave" feat is no longer required in order to take a level in the Blackguard class.

Bull's Strength:
Changed to a buff that lasts 1.5*(BG Level+Cha Mod) round and can be used once per day. The buff effects are:
+1 Attack Bonus / 5 Blackguard Levels
+1 Negative Energy Damage / 3 Blackguard Levels
On hit: Greater Dispelling level (Blackguard Levels / 2)

Champion Of Torm:
No changes.

No changes.

No changes.

Dwarven Defender:
Skill Bonus:
    +1 Discipline/Dwarven Defender level.
    +1 Heal/Dwarven Defender level.
    +1 Concentration/Dwarven Defender level.

Save Bonus:
    +1 Fortitude Save/3 Dwarven Defender levels.

Elemental Immunities:
    The Dwarven Defender can buy immunity tokens at the Voodoo Shop in Vesuvius, he may buy two Primary Immunity tokens and two Secondary Immunity tokens.
    -Primary Immunity tokens give 20% immunity to the chosen elemental/5 levels of Dwarven Defender.
    -Secondary Immunity tokens give 15% immunity to the chosen elemental/4 levels of Dwarven Defender.
    NOTE: Immunities reduce damage before resistances from items and feats.

NOTE: The skill bonuses, The save bonus and the immunities are all triggered by the Dwarven Defender Bonus Item, which can be used once per day and last untill rest.

No changes.

Harper Scout:
Tymora's Smile:
    +1 to all saves/level of Harper Scout. This bonus is undispellable and last untill rest.

Keen Senses:
    A free feat at level 5 Harper Scout.

    The DC has been changed to 10+(Harper Scout Level*10)+Dex Mod+Cha Mod. HD restriction removed, the spell now works on any creature. Also the spell has infinite uses, and a cooldown of 5 rounds.

Use Magic Device:
    Has been added as a class skill.
    NOTE: In order to take Use Magic Device as a class skill you are required to download the override available on the forums:

Craft Harper Item:
Four potions are craftable on Badlands, Strength, Dexterity, Charisma and Wisdom. Each add +2/Harper scout level to all skills related to their stat, except the Strength potions, which only adds +1/Hartper Scout level to it's related stat, Discipline.
Potions effects last untill rest.
Strength and Dexterity potions, as Charisma and Wisdom potions, stack on each other, meaning you can only have one of each pair, effectively needing to pick between Strength and Dexterity, and between Wisdom and Charisma.

No changes.

No changes.

Pale Master:
No changes.

Purple Dragon Knight:
No changes.

No changes.

Red Dragon Disciple:
No changes.

No changes.

Shadow Evade duration modified to 1 round/Shadow Dancer level

No changes.

No changes.

Weapon Master:
No changes.

No changes.

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Class Changes
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