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 New series of updates

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PostSubject: New series of updates   Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:18 pm

-Death system was fully realized in it's implementation.
-Old Forest updated to include a quest series with the animals there.
-implemented new quest token system.(when reaching a point to a quest that the area needs to be specially loaded for it, the character receives the quest token for that quest, in the case of the old forest it's a leaf. The quest token system then acts as both a menu and a load to last checkpoint. When using the token it will teleport the character to the last checkpoint[as well as respawn enemies and problems] and open up the menu for that quest. The menu shows all the configurable options for that quest that the player may choose. For old forest it determines how long the player is feared by bear roars and damage amounts the player deals and receives. These configurable options affect loot chance and value for that quest.)
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New series of updates
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