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 Utilzing Lore

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PostSubject: Utilzing Lore   Utilzing Lore EmptyWed Mar 08, 2017 12:13 am

Another thing I observed in Baldur's gate is you needed to cast identify or use an identify scroll in order to identify an item.

I'm curious whether such a thing would be more interesting....
For example I can add that items identified using that method instead of from a shop or when trading the item to another player have the chance to grant an additional bonus(essentially you discovered something special imbued into the item).

The additional bonus would be in the form of a unique power that consumes a charge on the item(this unique power not requiring a "use" animation). For example you use a charge on the alternative to temporarily remove it's elemental damages and convert them into pure physical damage for 3 to 6 rounds.

Also remember, all charge based items can be recharged by using tournament amulets! Simply using a tournament amulet on any item in your inventory other than another tournament amulet is going to add charges(at the cost of the amulet itself). I'll probably get around to creating an NPC for it too.
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Utilzing Lore
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