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 Learning all Spells as a Wizard

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PostSubject: Learning all Spells as a Wizard   Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:00 pm

Ok so with 34 levels of wizard it is possible to know all spells.

We do this by buying lots of scrolls to learn, and only taking spells that we can't buy and learn. I shopped in Newport docks, Newport Arcane Tower, and Black Mirror in Vesuvius Wolf Tavern

With 34 levels of wizard, you can learn everything!

This list below will help you, any spell marked with an 's' can be bought, so you don't need to learn it when levelling. Spells marked with '-' should be learned, as they are not as easily available as scrolls.


  - Acid splash
  - Daze
  - Electric jolt
  - Flare
  - Light
  - Ray of frost
  - Resistance

1st level spells

 S  Burning hands
-   Charm person
 s  Color spray
 s  Endure elements
-   Expeditious retreat
 s  Grease
 s  Horizikaul's boom
 S  Ice dagger
 S  Identify
-   Ironguts
 s Mage armor
   Magic missile
 s  Magic weapon
-   Negative energy ray
 s  Protection from alignment
 s  Ray of enfeeblement
-   Scare
 S  Shelgarn's persistent blade
 s  Shield
 s  Sleep
 s  Summon creature I
-   True strike

2nd level spells

 -  Balagarn's iron horn
  S Blindness/deafness
  S Bull's strength
  S Cat's grace
 -  Cloud of bewilderment
 -  Combust
  S Continual flame
  S Darkness
 -  Death armor
  S Eagle's splendor
  S Endurance
  S Flame weapon
  S Fox's cunning
   Gedlee's electric loop
  S Ghostly visage
  S Ghoul touch
 -  Invisibility
 -  Knock
  S Lesser dispel
  S Melf's acid arrow
  S Owl's wisdom
 - Resist elements
  S See invisibility
  S Stone bones
  s Summon creature II
  s Tasha's hideous laughter
  S Ultravision
  s Web

3rd level spells

  S Clairaudience/clairvoyance
  S Clarity
  S Dispel magic
 -  Displacement
  S Find traps
  S Fireball
  S Flame arrow
  S Greater magic weapon
  S Gust of wind
  S Haste
  S Hold person
 -  Invisibility sphere
  S Keen edge
  S Lightning bolt
  S Magic circle against alignment
 - Mestil's acid breath
 - Negative energy burst
 - Protection from elements
 - Scintillating sphere
  S Slow
  S Stinking cloud
  S Summon creature III
  S Vampiric touch

4th level spells

  S Bestow curse
  S Charm monster
  S Confusion
  S Contagion
 -  Elemental shield
  S Enervation
  S Evard's black tentacles
  S Fear
 -  Ice storm
  S Improved invisibility
 -  Isaac's lesser missile storm
 -  Lesser spell breach
  S Minor globe of invulnerability
  S Phantasmal killer
  S Polymorph self
  S Remove blindness/deafness
  S Remove curse
 - Shadow conjuration
  S Stoneskin
  S Summon creature IV
  S Wall of fire

5th level spells

 - Animate dead
  S Ball lightning
 -  Bigby's interposing hand
  S Cloudkill
  S Cone of cold
  S Dismissal
  S Dominate person
 -  Energy buffer
  S Feeblemind
 -  Firebrand
  S Greater shadow conjuration
  S Hold monster
  S Lesser mind blank
  S Lesser planar binding
 -  Lesser spell mantle
 - Mestil's acid sheath
  S Mind fog
 - Summon creature V

6th level spells

  S Acid fog
 -  Bigby's forceful hand
  S Chain lightning
  S Circle of death
  S Ethereal visage
  S Flesh to stone
 -  Globe of invulnerability
  S Greater dispelling
 -  Greater spell breach
  S Greater stoneskin
 -  Isaac's greater missile storm
 - Legend lore
 -  Mass haste
 -  Planar binding
 - Shades
  S Stone to flesh
 - Summon creature VI
  S Tenser's transformation
 -  True seeing
 - Undeath to death
  * Evil Blight (secret spell only exists as scroll)

7th level spells

 - Banishment
 - Bigby's grasping hand
 - Control undead
  S Delayed blast fireball
  S Finger of death
 -  Great thunderclap
  S Mordenkainen's sword
  S Power word, stun
  S Prismatic spray
 - Protection from spells
 - Shadow shield
 - Spell mantle
 - Summon creature VII

8th level spells

 - Bigby's clenched fist
 - Blackstaff
  S Create undead
 - Greater planar binding
 - Greater sanctuary
 - Horrid wilting
 -  Incendiary cloud
 - Mass blindness/deafness
 - Mass charm
  S Mind blank
 - Premonition
 - Summon creature VIII
 - Sunburst

9th level spells

 - Bigby's crushing hand
 - Black blade of disaster
  S Dominate monster
 - Energy drain
 - Gate
 - Greater spell mantle
 - Meteor swarm
 - Mordenkainen's disjunction
  S Power word, kill
 -  Shapechange
 - Summon creature IX
 - Time stop
  S Wail of the banshee
  S Weird
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Learning all Spells as a Wizard
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