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 26 bard 4 bg 10 rdd (new players)

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PostSubject: 26 bard 4 bg 10 rdd (new players)   Tue Jul 26, 2016 10:11 am

hint, this is NOT a 'team' bard but it can be used as one under most circumstances.


18 str or 16 str
8 dex
10 con or 14 con
8 wis
14 int
14 con

go 8 bard 4 bg 8 rdd pre epic levels

starting feats:
blind fight
curse song

pre epic feats:
still spell
weapon focus rapier
improved critical rapier
power attack
divine shield

epic feats:
great cleave
epic prowess
epic weapon focus rapier
armor skin
overwhelming critical
devastating critical

epic bard bonus feats:
lasting inspiration
epic skill focus SPOT

important spells to get:

Level I, Balg's horn, mage armor, protection from alignment.

level II, see invisibility, darkvision, darkness, silence, clarity

level III, displacement, gust of wind, wounding whispers, Clair-audience/clairvoyance, find traps

level IV, warcry, invisibility

level V,

level VI, ethereal visage

skills: 43 disc(all classes), 43 heal(all classes), 43 perform(bard level), 43 taunt(bard and bg), 40 tumble(bard), 27 umd(bard), 43 SPOT(Red Dragon Disciple), rest into w.e if there's leftovers.

ending stats 78 ac 62 ab with bless/aid with of course curse and taunt. good saves, good versatility, useful dispels.
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26 bard 4 bg 10 rdd (new players)
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