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 38 barbarian 1 druid 1 rogue/assassin (new players)

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PostSubject: 38 barbarian 1 druid 1 rogue/assassin (new players)   Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:54 am

DWARF 38 barbarian 1 druid 1 rogue OR assassin

16 str +8 during leveling
8 dex
19 con raise to 21 during leveling +2
14 int
7 wis
6 cha

starting feat: blind fight

pre epic feats:
improved knockdown
improved disarm
weapon focus LARGE WEAPON
improved critical LARGE WEAPON

epic feats:
great STR IV or str II and epic damage reduction II
epic skill focus spot
epic skill focus discipline
terrifying rage OR epic damage reduction III

bonus barbarian epic level feats:
epic weapon focus LARGE WEAPON
epic prowess
thundering rage
mighty rage

skills: 43 discipline 43 heal 42 umd 42 spot 43 intimidate either take 40 spellcraft at druid level or take 42 taunt at last barbarian level

stats: 71 ab outdoors, 69 indoors with bless and aid. good durability, good item flexibility, all around a good heavy hitter. very vew buffs to worry about:
if you play this build right you'll do surprisingly well against most things.
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38 barbarian 1 druid 1 rogue/assassin (new players)
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