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 11 fighter 28 weapon master 1 rogue

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PostSubject: 11 fighter 28 weapon master 1 rogue    Mon Jul 18, 2016 12:34 am

19 strength
13 dexterity
9 con
14 int

starting feats:
luck of heroes

pre epic feats:
weapon focus rapier
spring attack
whirlwind attack
skill focus discipline
improved critical rapier
great fortitude
improved expertise
blind fight

epic feats:
great strength I
epic toughness 6
epic skill focus discipline
epic skill focus spot
epic weapon focus rapier
epic weapon specialization rapier

max strength throughout leveling.

ending stats with full gear

70 ac, 68 ab with bless & aid potions/flask
good, consistent damage
use improved expertise when necessary and whirlwind attack
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11 fighter 28 weapon master 1 rogue
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