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 8 fighter 25 dwarven defender 7 weapon master

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PostSubject: 8 fighter 25 dwarven defender 7 weapon master   Mon Jul 18, 2016 12:25 am


18 str
13 dex
14 con
13 int

starting feats:

pre epic feats:
weapon focus greatsword
spring attack
whirlwind attack
improved disarm
blind fight
improved critical greatsword

epic feats:
great STR VI OR great STR IV and knockdown/improved knockdown.
epic weapon focus
epic weapon specialization(8th level fighter in epic levels)
epic prowess
energy resistance fire I

skills: 4 intimidate 43 discipline, 43 spot, rest into heal.

stats 68 ab with bless and aid pots/flask, good dr, good resistances, good hp. little buffs to worry about. whirlwind attack is very useful for hitting high ac targets.
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8 fighter 25 dwarven defender 7 weapon master
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