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 Purple Dragon Knight Modifications

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PostSubject: Purple Dragon Knight Modifications   Mon Jun 27, 2016 9:38 pm

Purple Dragon Knight received tremendous modifications to it's buffs and obtained cooldowns to most of their buffs(instead of single shot) to allow them to function as a "Burst Support". Supporting their team at crucial intervals instead of a constant low buff(such as cleric and bard).

Heroic Shield

PDKs may choose a single team member(or themselves) to apply a damage resistance buff against divine, positive, negative, and magical damage. The amount of the resistance is equal to the constitution modifier of the one being buffed. Every 12 seconds(2 rounds) the buff will re-apply, either to the original target OR a new target the PDK chooses by using heroic shield on someone else(or themselves).

The buff cannot be applied to undead like targets(10+ PM or undead raced thing, such as undead shape).

Rallying Cry

PDKs can send out a powerful cry that bolsters them and their teammates, this cry will give the benefits of +1 attack bonus AND 20% movement speed. This effect can be stacked for +3 attack bonus and 60% speed total should the PDK use up all 3 charges at once or any mix thereof. Rallying Cry lasts for 1 minute and will cooldown using the following formula:

(10 - PDK level) rounds after the effect ends(this means a level 1 PDK has a cooldown of 54 seconds, whereas a level 5 has a cooldown of 30.

Inspire Courage

A PDK has the power to give quite possibly the rarest and most useful buff that one can receive. The buff of immunity to fear! In addition to giving immunity to fear to all allies(including themselves), PDKs also cure fear when using this ability. The fear immunity lasts 2 minutes per PDK level(maxed at 10 minutes). This ability does not have a recharge.

Oath of Wrath

A PDK may choose a single non-allied target race(by selecting a living creature nearby) and declare them the ultimate scum deserving death. Doing so grants the PDK a bonus of:

  • +2 Attack Bonus
  • +2d6 unresistable physical damage
  • +2 to all saves
  • +2 to all skills

All bonuses listed above apply AGAINST the RACE of the target they selected.

Final Stand

A purple dragon knight has the power to utter a final shout of glory that would rival King Leonidas! Imbuing their passion into the bodies of them and their teammates. When activated all allies(and themselves) receive:

  • +4 Attack Bonus for 1 minute
  • 10 regeneration per second for 30 seconds
  • 100 TEMPORARY HP for 1 minute(at expiration this HP is removed, even if HP is less then 100... You simply die.)

This effect has a cooldown of 5 minutes.
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Purple Dragon Knight Modifications
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