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 Raiding for fun

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PostSubject: Raiding for fun   Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:47 am

I think maybe a fun idea would be some raids, so when PVP starts to get boring, can band together and go get some cool gear. Somewhat like WoW

Idea being like 3-6 bosses, with mobs in between

How it'd work is each boss dropped 3-5 pieces of random tourney gear, but toned down. They'd also drop a token of a sort, and each token could upgrade that pieces to the next tier( the tiers being same as gods gifts that are toned down). So say the boss dropped a tier 2 piece (tier 5 being the gold colored gods gift), and 1 token, then could take that token and piece to a NPC and it'd upgrade it to tier 3.

The idea behind this is that those bosses drop completely random tourney gear. along with randomized 1-4 tokens or so. The mobs in between each boss could have a chance to drop tourney amulets (4-6 % for copper, 2-4 % for silver and 1% for gold).

Could also have bosses table percentages for how good the gear the boss drops, so you could actually chance upon gold gear automatically.

I also believe that custom boots, cloaks, ect. could be made so it's not just weapon and amulet hunting.

I understand it'd be a bit tricky for an NPC to detect what gear you have in inventory to upgrade with tokens also. But this is just an idea that I think would be new, refreshing and fun. Plus why not.

I say make it hard enough where you CAN'T solo no matter what, and need such as minimum 3 players. Like healer, damage, and tank.
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PostSubject: Re: Raiding for fun   Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:28 pm

The random system is actually a bit more complicated then that. When a random item drops it's typically called through "GenObject", which rolls a 1d6 to determine which item group it drops.. For instance "GenerateFinesse" to generate a finesseable weapon. From there it will roll another random to determine which type within that group drops(IE Rapier). From there it rolls the tier, which is a numerical list of boss,tourney,other,crafted weapons. For example rapiers have:
Less then 50 = Fencer - Rapier
51 = Hypothermia
Greater than 51(out of a possible 200) = Crafted.

From THERE it then rolls the items properties which have a literal random equivalent to the upper bounds of that item property.(+7 ab = 1 in 7). Though MOST items have weights applied to each property to prevent astronomical odds(for instance Fencer rapier has a 12 weight for it's possible +6 ab making it roll a 1 in 18 and only NEEDING to roll a 6 out of that 18 to get +6 enhancement, making it effectively 1 in 3.)

The bonus benefit applied to character's called "Increased Chance of Item Value" modifies the last random(the item properties). Increasing the 1 in 18 previously above by +1 per every 100% increased chance of item value a character has. With numbers in-between 100 being a CHANCE to increase the amount +1(for instance 50 = 50% chance of +1 to the random).

There is a TREMENDOUS list of things which increase chance of item value by certain amounts lol. Some of which I've kept secret, while others are explained.

So considering how the system works I can see a MASSIVE amount of potential to utilizing it according to your specifications. However since EVERY part of the random generator system can be modified to suit ANY purpose(for instance making it ONLY generate a rapier or only a specific type of rapier(ie Hypothermia). I feel like that would be another possibility to consider, since most items are very rarely seen generated naturally by the generator, because there is more then 200 items in the list.

Anyway if I get the idea utilizing this should work:
Drop 3-5 pieces of random tourney gear(depending on how many players in the party helped defeat it through either healing or hurting the boss), these items dropped would only be tourney tier and nothing else?

The boss also drops a token which can be given to an NPC to maximize one of the non-max properties on a randomly generated item(thus increasing it's color quality or "tier" as you call it by +1 more).

I Disagree to give normal non-boss mobs the chance to drop tournament amulets, Except maybe a 1% chance for a bronze, 0.1% for silver, and 0.01% for gold. Solely because I've seen Strid farming the shit out of Hexis's mobs using all sorts of exploits that even I would have a hard time combating.

Well according to how the system works I could have boss 1 have a 0% increased chance of item value, Boss 2 has 50%, Boss 3 has 100%, Boss 4 has 200%, Boss 5 has 400%, and Boss 6 has 800%. This of course already adding to the hidden modifiers players have for increased chance of item value.

It would not be tricky at all to have an NPC detect gear in inventory. It'd simply load up a list of 10 items that it knows of that would could be improved and the player only needing to click a "next" button to load up another list of 10.

Agreed here, such a challenge could be very interesting, especially with the possible rewards entailing(I know everybody wants that awesome Hypo).
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Raiding for fun
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