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 Assassin Modifications

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PostSubject: Assassin Modifications   Wed May 18, 2016 10:11 pm

Assassin received quite a lot of credulous modifications to it's structure in order to differentiate them as their own unique brand of character.

Makes character evil at level 40 and no longer requires evil.


Assassin has active flanking mechanics, when an assassin flank attacks a target they obtain:

  • An attack bonus equal to their intelligence modifier - 5. This effect lasts for 3 seconds.
  • If they are 21+ assassin the -5 penalty is negated.
  • All random damages they deal are dealt at the maximum rolls. Thus a 1d10 = 10 damage. This effect lasts for as long until someone targets the assassin.


The Darkness ability for Assassins now has infinite uses and when casted will remove the previous darkness that was created before.

Secondly, any targets that are blinded(such as in darkness) will roll the assassin's death attack on them.

Innate Benefits

At levels:

  • 14- Assassins gain opportunist as a bonus feat.
  • 18- Assassins gain Crippling Strike as a bonus feat.
  • 22- Assassins gain Hide In Plain Sight as a bonus feat.
  • 26- Assassins gain Epic Dodge as a bonus feat.
  • 30- Assassins add their intelligence modifier to dodge AC.
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Assassin Modifications
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