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 New Items list

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PostSubject: New Items list   Tue Nov 03, 2015 5:58 am

Gheed - Lighthammer (tournament)
Cannot be disarmed
Steals between 1 and 100 gold from the one struck(if they have gold)

Edger - Ring
Applies a penalty of 50% damage vulnerability to all forms of damage.
Everytime a physical blow lands, 1 second later the user of this ring becomes immortal until they go 3 seconds without being hit. Applies a special fading aura.
Oblation - Ring
Devastating Critical, regardless of source, can only roll against the user of this ring once per round.
Eye of Storms - Amulet
Storm of Vengeance triggers twice per round.
SamKhara - Quarterstaff (tournament)
Uses str, dex, or wisdom for ab so long as the user has the required feats for them.
Über Mjollnir - Warhammer
Each strike gains a random amount between 1 and 4 damage and deals whatever total amount it has thus far as an electrical hit similar to darkfire. Once the weapon reaches the maximum amount of electrical damage it can deal in the hit, it generates a massive pillar of lightning at the weilder's location which deals 40d6(checks reflex/evasion/improved evasion) electrical damage to all enemies nearby.
Imaginarium - Magic Staff (tournament)
All dominate monster effects change from daze to a controlled confusion, where the one under control will loyally do everything possible to further their controllers interests.
Lightning Rod - Magic Staff (tournament)
Call Lightning and Storm of Vengeance will now strike twice for each lightning bolt.
Geopact - Magic Staff (tournament)
Earthquake and Bombardment now will KD opposing enemies within their radius's. The DC is set to the same as the spells themselves.
Longinus - Longsword (tournament)
Each hit by the longsword hurts the weilder by 1% of their maximum life(as positive damage). If the weilder lands 100 hits on anything capable of being wounded, the one wounded is dealt 99% of their maximum life as positive damage. The charge count on the weapon is cleared when the ones struck rest or die.
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New Items list
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