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 Places of Interest!

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PostSubject: Places of Interest!   Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:51 pm

(this is just my own notes, which i hope to
expand on with a lot more detail and maybe
some pictures).


Location: Well of Redemption, Look for the cave by the Shpynx statue in Dozo.
Capturable: Well of Redemption
Grants: A magical well that rests you.

Boss: Rakshasa
Location: Catamount Castle
Route: In the Bluffs, which is above the Lurid Cave, access via stairs from Dozo.
Capturable: Catamount Castle
Grants: a bed that fully rests you

Boss: ?
Location: Pyramid Monastary
Route: Beyond a snowy pass, past the Lurid Cave and the Bluffs
(locked doors on lower level of monastery)
Capturable: ?
Grants: ?

Boss: ?
Location: Mysterious Temple (locked maze)
(key retrieved from Boss Elemental in Desert of Doom)
Route: Dozo - the Dry Lands - Dry Path
(Hidden descending staircase) -
Desert of Doom
Capturable: ?
Grants: Iron Shroud (robe with +6 ac)

Boss: Medusa
Location: ?
Capturable: ?
Grants: ?


Boss: Assassin
Location: Royal Oyster in Newport Docks
Capturable: Royal Oyster
Grants: A generous merchant to trade with

Boss: White Cockatrice
Location: Maze of the Lost.
Capturable: House of Mirrors
Grants: improved invisibility


Boss: ?
Location: Castle Scelerious? (locked)
Route: Atop the mountain
Capturable: Yes
Grants: ?

Boss: Sheelo Dragon
Location: A peak accessible through a cavern
in the mountain.
Capturable: Great Hall
Grants: ?


Boss: N/A
Location: Wolf Tavern, Vesuvius
Capturable: Black Mirror
Grants: Access to a scroll merchant


Boss: Dark Ryuji Dragon
Capturable: Zul's House of Weirding
Grants: Key to the Core, and True Sight

Boss: Black Sabbath
Location: Located in the Underdark sanctuary under a locked orb, opened by Key to the Core
Grants: Heart of Black Sabbath (unknown use)

Boss: ?
Location: Drow stronghold (locked)
Capturable: ?
Grants: ?

Boss: ?
Location: Illithid Orblivian in the Underdark
Capturable: ?
Grants: ?
(maze, very confusing!)


Boss: ?
Location: Brain Hall (locked doors) in the
Howling Deep, explored deeper through the
Capturable: ?
Grants: Bonuses to Hide and Move Silently

Boss: Karlat the Lich
Location: Tower of Ascention in the Howling
Deep, explored deeper through the Underdark
Capturable: ?
Grants: ?
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Places of Interest!
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