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 Barbarian 17 Blackguard 22 bard 1

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PostSubject: Barbarian 17 Blackguard 22 bard 1   Mon Sep 08, 2014 10:13 am

Barb 17 bg 22 bard 1


starting stats:

str 18 (+10 +2 grt str)
dex 8
con 10
wis 8
int 14
cha 14

Feats preepic:

blind fight
weapon focus
imp critical
power attack
div shield

Epic feats general:

grt str x1
grt str x2
imp expertise
epic skill focus discipline
epic skill focus intimidate
thundering rage (16 th level of barbarian)
terrifying rage (17 th level of barb)

Epic feats bonus BG:

armor skin
epic weapon focus
epic prowess
epic toughness (+20 hp)

Skillpoints: 264

Thats enough for 7 full skills. I d take

these 5 for sure:


you can have 2 more full skills.

these 2 skills should be split between UMD, taunt and concentration most likely
If you dont need any umd to use special weapons otherwise unavailable to tour class/race/alignment, take only ~26, otherwise you need close to 40 most likely.

With ESF intimidate your fear DC is ~60-70, without it is 50-60.

You could drop ESF intimidate and take exotic weapon prof if you want a particular exotic weapon.

This build has 68 AC with div shield and rages up, 60 ac without.
with +6 weapon this has 64 ab self buff (only buffs are bg bull str and rages). If you get that +7 dwarven axe you get 65 ab (but you need exotic freat for it so no esf intimidate). This build can have more ab if someone casts aid bless prayer song  etc. however you dont get dev crit which is kinda bad. But your buffs are undispellable. And you have ~+5 disc (this has 79) compared to the standart pal rdd. The fear if save failed gives the opponent a penalty of -3 ab and -2 saves. The rages only last ~16 rounds.
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Barbarian 17 Blackguard 22 bard 1
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