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 Stealth Builds?

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PostSubject: Stealth Builds?   Thu Jun 12, 2014 8:39 pm

Hello and holy crap its good to see this is up! it was my first nwn1 online experience and was always my favorite! Now to the point... Stealth builds! How are they here now? I'm considering building a stealthy toon that makes use of the SD'd HIPS ability any insight on how this type of toon well do will be great thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Stealth Builds?   Sun Jun 15, 2014 11:43 pm

Stealth builds are a nasty scourge if played correctly, when utilizing corner sneaking true seeing cannot keep up with human speed(this is because true seeing simply makes spot auto-succeed, not listen), an important note however! A stealther -must- make the most use of both hide/move silently to truly be effective, whereas most spotters can make use of either spot or listen(generally listen as it's easier).

An effective stealth build must also have a way to actually kill their opponent, simply disappearing from their view and hitting sometimes isn't good enough, they will healkit themselves right back to where they were and will have virtually no threat of you aside from a situation where someone -else- is stopping them from healing. Most players accomplish a semblance of threat by using more lethal weapons that generally aren't as lethal when in other circumstances, some such example is the forgiver shortsword or the Hedgehog kama. Another way is to use particular bonuses which are much better when stealthing(sneak attacks/devastating critical), but even if you find that these don't work within your build plans you can win many fights simply by attrition(they essentially give up, however this isn't recommended if you intend to -keep- fighting).

Another important note, AI is -very- good at fighting stealth players, mostly because it cheats(though they don't do it purposefully). AI uses 4 different viewpoints to determine it's ability to fight you: GetLastPerceptionHeard, GetLastPerceptionInaudible, GetLastPerceptionSeen, and GetLastPerceptionVanished.

These are the AI events scripters are -supposed- to utilize when programming the AI to follow the rules, however BioWare does not use GetLastPerceptionInaudible or GetLastPerceptionVanished -at all-.

This means if you started off fighting them invisible then you will be, but if you become invisible while fighting them and their AI isn't set to -care-(such as the case with BioWare's default) then if they're commanded to attack you after the point you become invisible, they will, regardless of whether or not they're supposed to be able to see you. The good news is the game engine does cancel their attacks if you become invisible to them before the point they're commanded to attack and BioWare does check if you're visible the -moment- it issues the attack command, but this can have issues syncing up, so just be aware -sometimes- the AI will still attack you even if it shouldn't be able to, I intend in the future to make sure the AI follows the rules, but for now I get by with it without much issue.
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PostSubject: Re: Stealth Builds?   Mon Jun 23, 2014 8:58 am

Atm they are not very strong. But if you teaming with high mage toon, than you should be fine. Best stelth toons imo are half mages, because of mord. So sneaking is all about mages :p Another problem is people realize that hiting stronk is better than hips, and going listen is geting more common thing.
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PostSubject: Re: Stealth Builds?   

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Stealth Builds?
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