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 Healkit Alteration

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PostSubject: Healkit Alteration   Mon Jun 02, 2014 8:24 am

Logically speaking healkitters should have virtually the same limitation any cleric/druid would.

Indefinite HP is probably the most broken thing imaginable in any game(provided it can outheal virtually any source of lethal damage) and even here it must be handled, thus!

Clerics/druids get about 30 or so healing spells if they max them all(including wisdom modifier, not including bonus spell slots).(this is however the actual HEALER classes)

Thus each character receiving a max of 20 healkits +(-1 for each level of PM before 10 and +2 for each level of PM after 10) + (heal RANKS/5, including focuses).

So the build everyone seems to love to hate(bard/pm) is 10 + 11 = 21 if he truly maxes it out. Considering a bard/PM heals on average close to 90HP for each healkit(more with skill and epic focus), that's still the equivalent of 21x90 = 1890 HP, enough to fully heal the equivalent of a barb and a DWD(and again not much anyone can do to stop him).

As you noticed above the penalty towards PMs isn't quite as straightforward as it would seem. A level 10 pm is NEGATIVE 10, but at level 15 PM there is no longer a healkit penalty, in addition every level after gives a BONUS of +2 healkits. Thus if you want to use bard/pm so much just drop the levels to 20 bard and take 17 pm with 3 BG levels(or whatever). Of course this hits the song and makes you easily dispellable, but each is a tradeoff. In addition any types of MASSIVE PMs(such as a level 30 PM abomination) could ACTUALLY have SOME use as dedicated healers or otherwise.

The healkits are granted immediately after you finish a FULL rest. Any additional healkits you acquire outside of the ones you're allotted after resting will be automatically stored in your player tool's secret compartment, this includes purchased or otherwise. The amount of healkits you have stored are viewable in the Player Tool's description(it also tells you how many are left after resting).

In addition future implementation may perhaps want to give bonus amounts of healkits towards barbs and/or dwarven defenders as they are the only 2 classes which don't really inherently have defenses besides damage reduction. In either case this seems solid for now, let me know what you think before it's implemented.

Any comments that healkits are fine as they are now will be ignored, it shattered my faith in the game instantly(which is why I didn't come back immediately after or during Jury Duty) and has had almost if not more of a detriment to PvP then true disarm(at least true disarm can be a gamble, indefinite healing is just crushing and leaves no reason to even try).
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Healkit Alteration
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