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 Cleric 15 Monk 15 CoT 10

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PostSubject: Cleric 15 Monk 15 CoT 10   Sun May 04, 2014 8:25 am

Cleric 15/Monk 15/Cot 10
Aligment: lawful good(if you want to use swrod from splatter quest), or lawful neutral (if you want to use Alternative great sword, or faust, or anything you want)

Chosed Domains: War and tricery, War and healing, or trickery and heal. Personally prefer War and healing.

Str:14 (28 at the end)
Wis:16 (18 at the end)

Leveling progression: Cleric 1-8 Monk 9-15 Cot 16-19 Monk on lvl 20
1. Power attack, Divine shield
3. Weapon proficiency (martial)
6. Skill Focus Discipline
9. Normal Fort
12. Weapon focus (Greatsword, or halabard)
15. Extend spell
17. Improwed Critical Strike (Greatsword, or halabard)
18. Toughness or Still spell (for more heals)
19. Blind fight
20. Get discipline on 20

Epic leveling progression:
21-26 Cot 27-33 Cleric 34-40 Monk

21. Epic Skill Focus Discipline
22. Epic weapon Focus
24. Armor skin, Great str I
26. Epic prowess
27. Great str II
30. Great str III
33. Great str IV
36. Great wis I
39. Great wis II
40. Max skills: Discipline, Tumble 40, Concentration, rest put or healing (should be 33)

AC: 74 (79with faust)
AB: 65 (with greatsword and halabard max is the same, but different durations fully buffed)
HP: 300-340
Fort: 50 unbuffed
Discipline: 77unbuffed with one iron sight

Note: If you chose to use faust than you can use two iron sights and put your discipline to 80 with buffs.
It's good Good runner toon with great damage, decent ab and fine ac. Don't forget about heals!

Hope you like it!  elephant 
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Cleric 15 Monk 15 CoT 10
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