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 proposed change for mages and casters.

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PostSubject: proposed change for mages and casters.    Sat Mar 29, 2014 1:30 pm

in addition to the dispel script, which would help all casters in general, but mostly make it so bards/clerics/druids could be on par with a mage's dispel. ->

remove effects of darkness from darkness, this spell is just silly and it's really all mages do here, I'm sure you've seen me in game spam this along with mords to render people useless

nerf the touch attack dc's of eyeballs and fairy dragon's, another thing that's pretty broken about mages and it isn't really based on any kind of dc the mage had to work hard to achieve, you just dispel an enemy, if they are a tank w/o clar or prot alignment then they are fooked, granted you can protect yourself against this but on most pvp servers they see that familiar touch attacks are just returded.

with these two things going into effect, (if they were indeed to go into effect) I'd say that there should be breach scrolls, and clarity potions put in, as well as something like a +4 dc bonus for all types of casters, mages, clerics, bards, and sorcerers. this would help change the way casters operate by a great deal, instead of just spamming mindless spells like darkness and implode to hope people roll 1's, there would be mages having to exploit your saving throws which is a lot more fair for both sides, and in general makes more sense I think.

breach scrolls, if put in, would only dispel other item based buffs, like scrolls and potions.
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proposed change for mages and casters.
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