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 Monk 9 Champion of Torm 10 Wizard 21

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PostSubject: Monk 9 Champion of Torm 10 Wizard 21   Tue Mar 18, 2014 3:41 pm

As much as I love Dex builds, this build is designed to wreck them.  I'm probably shooting myself in the foot by posting it, but in all the time I played on Badlands back in the day I only saw this level split once or twice.

Lawful Neutral Halfling Monk 9 CoT 10 Wiz 21

DEX 20
INT 14
WIS 14

1 ) Monk 1 - Exotic Weapon Prof.
2 ) Monk 2
3 ) Monk 3 – Weapon Finesse
4 ) Monk 4 (Dex 21)
5 ) Monk 5
6 ) Monk 6 Toughness (or something else, if you don't want the +40hp)
7 ) Monk 7
8 ) Monk 8 (Dex 22)
9 ) Wiz 1 – Weapon Focus: Kukri
10) Wiz 2
11) CoT 1
12) CoT 2 - Ambidexterity (Bonus Feat: Blind Fight) (Dex 23)
13) CoT 3
14) CoT 4 (Bonus Feat: Improved Critical – Kukri)
15) CoT 5 - Two Weapon Fighting
16) CoT 6 (Bonus Feat: Improved Two Weapon Fighting) (Dex 24)
17) CoT 7
18) Wiz 3 – Extend Spell
19) Wiz 4
20) CoT 8 (Bonus Feat: Your Choice - Expertise is handy to take here) [Skill Dump: Discipline] (Dex 25)
21) Wiz 5 – Armor Skin (Bonus Feat: Great Int I)
22) Wiz 6
23) Wiz 7
24) Wiz 8 – Epic Weapon Focus: Kukri (Dex 26)
25) Wiz 9
26) Wiz 10 (Bonus Feat: Great Int II)
27) Wiz 11 – Epic Skill Focus: Discipline
28) Wiz 12 (Dex 27)
29) Wiz 13
30) Wiz 14 Great Int III
31) Wiz 15 (Bonus Feat: Great Int IV)
32) Wiz 16 (Dex 28)
33) Wiz 17 – Great Int V
34) Wiz 18
35) Wiz 19
36) Wiz 20 – Epic Fortitude (Bonus Feat: Silent Spell) (Dex 29)
37) CoT 9
38) CoT 10 (Bonus Feat: Epic Prowess)
39) Wiz 21 – Epic Spell: Epic Mage Armor
40) Monk 9 (Dex 30)

AB: 26 Base +10 Dex +4 Feats +1 Size = 41 w/blank Kukri (39 dual wield)
Buffed AB: 26 +16 Dex +4 Feats +1 Size +5 Kukri = 52ab + 15 True Strike = 67 (65 dual wield)

AC: 10 + 8 Tumble + 10 Dex + 2 Wis +1 Size +1 Monk +2 Armor Skin = 34
Buffed AC: 10 +8 Tumble +16 Dex +8 Wis +1 Size +20 Gear +4 Haste +2 Armor Skin +1 Mage Armor +1 Shadow Conjuration Mage Armor +5 Epic Mage Armor = 76ac*

* Theoretically, you could slot and cast and enough Shadow Conj. Mage Armors and regular Mage Armors to hit the dodge cap and put your AC into the low 80's, but not only does buffing already take too long, but you will also lose all that extra AC pretty quickly when someone decides to Dispel you, as well as crucial spell slots for other, more useful spells.

Base Saves:

Fort 23 +5 Con Gear +5 CoT +4 Epic Fort +1 Racial Bonus +10 Save Gear = 48 (56 vs Spell)
Reflex 23 +16 Dex +5 CoT +1 Racial Bonus +10 Save Gear = 55 (63 vs Spell)
Will 22 +8 Wis +5 CoT +1 Racial Bonus +10 Save Gear = 46 (54 vs Spell)


43 Concentration
43 Discipline
40 Tumble
40 Spellcraft
Use whatever is left over as you see fit.  Points in Heal are always nice.


Ah, this build takes awhile to get used to.  It's not a beginner's PvP build, for sure.  People usually think that with 21 Wizard levels you're a caster (and when they see you running around with Acid Sheath on, also assume that), but the Wizard is really there to augment your melee abilities.

So, of course Mords is always useful, especially on a team.  You can't really dispel higher level casters, but you can breach off Negative Energy Protection quite well - very useful if someone has Harm or does a lot of Negative Energy Damage.  Slot a Negative Energy Burst or two as well - with only 21 caster levels it doesn't do a ton of Strength damage, but knocking down someone's AB even a bit helps, even if it's temporary and only causes enough distraction to make the down a potion.

If you play your cards right against Dexterity builds without a lot of innate spell resistance (like those dex-based divine shield paladin builds that generally wreck some face), you can Breach and then Horn them to death - since their AC is so dependent on Dodge and Dexterity, laying on their backs makes it easy for most of your attacks to hit.  They might be smart enough to use Greater Shadow Conjuration: Minor Globe, which isn't breachable, but Greater Dispelling should take care of that.  If it doesn't, no worries - it has a short duration and you can run fast.  Catch your opponent between re-buffs.

Mords + darkness also works well as a general strategy.  Hide in Darkness, cast True Strike and rush out for a few whacks before running back into it to hide.

A similar strategy involves standing in Darkness and Grease stacked together.  Make sure you have an Extended Globe or Visage going for immunity to Grease, and Mords/Breach off your opponent's Freedom and Ultravision, if they have them.  But, be cautious of caster mages doing the same to you.  You're pretty vulnerable standing in your own Darkness/Grease without any protection.

Bigby's Interposing Hand will buy usually buy you enough time to get off some re-buffing if you get dispelled, or to go on the offensive with True Strike.

Slot plenty of protection against Horn - Ghostly Visage, Ethereal Visage, Minor/Major Globe, Shadow Conjuration Globe, and Mantles all have their uses for this.  You should basically not fall prey to Horn unless you run out of them somehow.  Keep some scrolls handy in case you do, and use Boots of Retreat or something else with Haste in your gear to free up extra spell slots on your cloak.

Don't bother with most offensive spells.  Spamming IGMS with this build just makes you look dumb, since it doesn't do much.  Ice Storm can be effective in the right situations, and Power Word: Stun and Power Word: Kill are more likely to affect monks that run if you cast them yourself, rather than from scrolls - if you can fit one or two of them in, do so.

Shadow Shield and Extended Mestil's Acid Sheath are your friends.  Elemental Shield can be handy too, both for DR and to hurt those rare enemies that aren't Red Dragon Disciples (hah!).  Some Protection from Elements/Energy Buffer are likewise good to have.  So are Extended Displacements when you have a teammate (or opponent) with Invisibility Purge.  Silent Spell allows you to slot bunches of True Strikes and move your Horns to level 3 to make room for them.

Use your speed to your advantage.  Hang out on the periphery of battles and only engage when you have an advantage.  Flank often.  Run from real mages unless you have a team with you, in which case slot heaps of Breaches, Horns, Mantles, and other protections from Horn and hope for the best.  Avoid the 70ab large weapon bruisers that are the current flavor of the day.  You can hit them pretty easily even without True Strike, but sadly, they can do the same (and worse) to you.  Mords + Darkness/Entangle, then attack when they're distracted with other opponents, or spam FTS from Darkness or by kiting them.

That's about it.  I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting, but anyone can feel to PM me in-game with questions if they want.
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Monk 9 Champion of Torm 10 Wizard 21
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