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 Imbue Arrow

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PostSubject: Imbue Arrow   Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:30 pm

If a valid target is selected it will deal additional damage to that target calculated as follows:
[Strength modifier+2(weapon specialization, epic is not calculated)]x3(critical hit is done if a 20 is rolled) in piercing damage.

-Magical damage is also dealt equal to the enchant arrow amount(enchant arrow 15 is 15 magical damage)

This effect creates a fireball Area of Effect centered at the location the arrow was fired based on the calculation as follows:
Deals 10d8 base plus an additional 1d8 fire damage for every 2 levels of Arcane Archer, which is then multiplied by 2. I.E A level 30 Arcane Archer deals (30d8)x2 fire damage.

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Imbue Arrow
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